Horizon Forbidden West: Predictions and Takeaways

Why the World Loves Aloy

Aloy is almost today’s Lara Croft, but not quite yet—as the Horizon franchise has just started hitting the market with its successful installation, the Horizon Zero Dawn. While the gameplay is honestly incomparable with the Tomb Raider franchise (both are unique in their own ways!), seeing how the Horizon series has so much potential with an upcoming sequel, the Horizon Forbidden West, we could almost see how it is trailblazing a path similar with how Lara Croft took the hearts of gamers back in 2001. The franchise went on for nearly a decade. And we’re almost sure the Horizon series does not stop with Forbidden West.

(Left) Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn (Right) Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

But, if there are many female protagonists in the vast virtual world of video gaming, how on earth did we get to love Aloy and Horizon Zero Dawn so much?

It’s the gameplay itself. Great things are not done hastily—and with Horizon Zero Dawn’s case, Guerilla Games brewed it long enough to create perfection. The storyline, the gameplay, the characters, the establishment of each character, and how they give significance to the totality of the story all makeup for what Horizon Zero Dawn is today. And of course, the graphics that truly tells: “Dude, this wasn’t rushed.”

How the game creators and writers evoked such emotion without making us feel bored while reading through the script and watching the cut scenes is impressive. It is not just a game, but a good story that allows the gamer to be immersed with the story and establish Aloy’s character by having the freedom to choose some responses.

Which would you choose?

This current global situation also affected how Horizon Zero Dawn became more popular. The pandemic, the quarantine protocols, and lockdowns implemented worldwide somehow made those confined to their homes seek solace in the company of their gaming consoles. And this, unintentionally, became a perfect recipe for Horizon Zero Dawn to once again resurface in the fast-paced world of social media.

And in a real-world where a lot of us cannot really do anything with the current global pandemic, there came Aloy, our heroine so focused and determined to save her own world. This fact positively impacted most gamers—that despite the countless struggles we are now facing, there is always a glimpse of hope that we can always look at.

The Sequel – A Make or Break

The Horizon Zero Dawn is (and still) a success; we’ve no doubt about it. With over 10 million copies sold and numerous awards won, it is definitely one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games to date. While we, the fans, feel excited about the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, it is somehow inevitable to think if the sequel will surpass its predecessor’s global market victory.

The Horizon series is currently one of the budding franchises that promise a real good, feel-good gaming experience. But to establish its confidence by assuming that it will stay in the market for the next ten years is premature. Of course, we don’t want Aloy to leave the PlayStation world just yet. (PLEASE, NO!) But let us face the fact that while we’ve seen the 14-minute Horizon Forbidden West state of play, we are still unsure of what’s more to come.

Of course, we don’t want to drag the old story of how Cyberpunk became a disappointment to most gamers because it was rushed, but we hope that Guerilla Games will learn from the others’ experience and put their best for the second installation of the Horizon series. As the fans’ anticipation grows bigger this year, awaiting to take part in Aloy’s newest adventure, we hope that Guerilla Games will not be influenced by peer pressure and focus more on polishing the game than meeting the deadline.

We think it is better if fans are disappointed with a late release than a badly created and rushed game. The Horizon Forbidden West is at the crucial point of the Horizon timeline—it is a make or break, a point when Aloy gets into another ‘Proving,’ but having fans as the ultimate judges of success.

Horizon Forbidden West: Predictions and Expectations

Guerilla Games is a gaming genius. It definitely knows that Horizon Zero Dawn will be such a massive success that during the entire game, we can pick up some breadcrumbs that we can expect MIGHT happen in the Forbidden West.


The easiest to spot was Sylens’ contribution to the game. The cut scene at the end of the credits indeed gave us an open-ended story that clearly showed there’s more to come. However, when we saw the Horizon Forbidden West state of play, there was not a split-second exposure about Sylens. Nada. And this made us think that maybe, Guerilla wants us to drop some speculations about Sylens, and focus more on the new things in Forbidden West. Well, not just yet—but we are almost sure that the man will have the spotlight in due time. Remember, a good story is unpredictable.

The Tenakths

We also liked how the Guerilla established too little about the Tenakth tribe and then used them as significant identities in the Forbidden West. What little but facts we know about this tribe is that they are blood-thirsty and aggressive. With this in mind, we can safely say that Guerilla will definitely use the Tenakths as one of the main antagonists in the story. However, let us not disregard some possibilities, like Aloy finding allies amid this hostile tribe. After all, our huntress is not only beautiful but also has a knack for winning allies over.

Ulia of the Tenakth

Ted Faro and Apollo

We know there’s more about the story of how Ted Faro sabotaged Apollo, one of GAIA’s subordinate functions. Somehow, we feel like Apollo will resurface with a more significant contribution to the story. While the idea of Ted Faro being alive maybe almost too early to happen in the second installation of the game, we can safely say that Guerilla Games will never heavily establish characters or identities if they are good for nothing.

Ted Faro – A Mess Hiding Behind a Somewhat Gorgeous Face

Based on what PlayStation has shown us in the 14-minute state of play, we can expect that the Horizon Forbidden West is altogether cool, challenging, heart-wrenching, and satisfying. As fans, we can give Aloy extra credit for being the best that she is (despite the short-lived disappointments of some on her ‘new look’). And to be honest, with almost a decade of development and polishing, we don’t think that Guerilla Games will be careless enough to produce a below-par video game just for the sake of money.

Because if it is, Horizon should have been released and shelved long before it even reached a good amount of copies sold.

But it didn’t.


How about you? What are your predictions and takeaways?